Placencia Snorkeling Trips

Hide Away Caye and King Lewey’s Island Combo

Hide away island

Please inquire about pricing as these tours are exclusive for your group only.

Time: 9 am - 3:00 pm

Trip includes:

  • 2 Islands
  • 1 case beers
  • Rum Punch
  • Water, soda’s
  • Lunch on island
  • Snorkeling and gear
  • Kayaking
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Join us on our two Island Hopping Snorkeling Adventure for two completely different experiences. This trip takes place on one of our power vessels depending on the size of the group. First stop is the peaceful and tranquil island called Hide Away Caye. When we arrive we will snorkel the coral reef which forms the outer rim of a ring of islands called the Pelican Caye Range. Hide Away Caye is in the middle of this ring. The coral there is in pristine condition and there are always lots of fish. It is untouched and unspoiled as very few of the other tour companies go there. After the snorkel we head over to Hide Away Caye for lunch and refreshments. After lunch if you wish to you can go for a stand up paddle or kayak into the mangroves. You have the chance of spotting manatee, all sorts of birds, from Herons to Warblers, to Humming Bees which is the worlds smallest humming bird…this is a bird watchers paradise.

After lunch and kayaking we will head to our second stop, King Lewey’s Island. This is a Pirate themed island with restaurant and bar. King Lewey’s has stunning clear water for swimming, great look out tower for some spectacular views and pictures. It’s really a fun island for the whole group and especially if there are children.

Please note that while we will have our own alcohol and refreshments on board the boat we may not take them onto either of the two islands. Lunch is included but on island is a cash bar for drinks.

Moho Caye Island Hop

Moho Caye Island snorkeling

Please inquire about pricing as this is exclusive trip only.

Time: 9am – 3:30pm

Trip Includes:

  • Lunch
  • Drinks and Refreshments
  • Snorkeling and Gear
  • Island Fees and GST

Moho Caye is Placencia’s best kept secret! This is without question the prettiest beach out of all the Cayes. Spend a day on the island, swimming, snorkeling, lazing in a hammock or if you’re feeling active a game of beach volley ball.

It’s about a 45 minute boat ride out to the Caye. We will stop for a snorkel in the Lark Caye range along the way.

The island has crystal blue water all the way around and great snorkeling. The beach is powdery white sand and the island is full of palm trees.

Lunch on the island will be beach bbq chicken and pork chops, ceviche and caramelized onion potato salad. We will have fresh baked donuts in the morning and snacks during the course of the day. Trip also includes refreshments, rum punch and a case of beer.

Moho Caye Island Hop

Silk Caye/Ray Caye Combo

Please inquire about pricing as this is private tour only.

Time: 9am – 3:00pm

Trip Includes:

  • Rum Punch
  • Beer
  • Lunch
  • Snorkel Gear
  • Marine Park Fees + GST

Crystal clear water, white sandy beaches, palm trees and fabulous snorkeling is what you can expect from the beautiful Silk Cayes.
The first thing you’ll notice when you get to the Silk Cayes is that the water is incredibly clear. Coral in the Silk Cayes is extremely healthy and thriving. There is a variety of different corals and marine life.

For many years the fisherman have been anchoring their boats in the area for an overnight break before the next days fishing. While on anchor they clean their day’s catch and this has resulted in a feeding ground for the sharks, rays and turtles in the area. When we arrive we will drop anchor and guests can have the opportunity to jump in and swim with the sharks. Not to worry, they are nurse sharks and totally used to swimming with humans as are the rays and turtles.

After the sharks we snorkel around the southern most Caye where you have the opportunity to see an abundance of sea life and healthy corals.
Next stop is a short hop over to Ray Caye Island Resort (formerly Hatchet Caye) for Belizean style lunch which is included in the price. Alternatively if guests wish to order off the menu they are welcome to pay in the difference.
Please note that while we will have alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages available on board, we may not take these onto the island however there is a cash bar on the island if guests wish to purchase drinks.

After lunch, if time permits, guests can go for another snorkel around Ray Caye which has a resident Octopus although he is somewhat difficult to spot.

Full payment is required at least a week before the Trip. A full refund will be issued if cancellation is necessary due to weather or if the client cancels at least 72 hours before the trip.