Placencia Peninsula

placencia lagoon

Placencia is a lovely sea-coast village in southern Belize. It is home to 16 miles of the best beaches in the country. The Caribbean Sea is to the East and the Placencia lagoon lies to the West towards the Maya Mountains. Located on the tip of a long, narrow Peninsula, the village has long enjoyed a reputation as “The Caye you can drive to”. Placencia is 27 miles off the Southern Highway, with fully paved road and incredible scenery. This once sleepy village is now a popular coastal destination in Belize. However, Placencia is still relatively untouched and retains an air of a place where people live, rather than a place where people visit.

Placencia Village

Everyone seems to know each other. The main “street”, a 4,071 foot long by 4 foot wide footpath recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the narrowest main street in the world, is always alive with friendly people and laughter. Scattered along Placencia’s sidewalk overlooking Belize’s Caribbean Sea is a variety of affordable, comfortable, casual bars and restaurants that are usually slow during the day but comes alive when the sun goes down. Clothing is emphatically informal, “no shirt, no shoes no worries”. If you’re looking for a peaceful Placencia experience, the resorts scattered along the peninsula are usually quiet and often have their own beach front amenities.

placencia beach

Sailing and Activities

When you’ve had enough relaxation, there’s plenty to do along the Placencia Peninsula and in the sea. Just offshore are cayes or small islands, dotting Belize’s Barrier Reef, the second largest reef in the world. Experience uncrowded diving, snorkeling, fishing, kayaking and island exploration trips.

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