Meet the Hosts

Lee Brown

skipper lee brown

I grew up as a little girl on a yacht. Sailing was not something I learned, it was just something we did. I sailed with my family from South Africa to Brazil, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago as well as Grenada. My love for sailing and the ocean extended into a career and my first job was aboard a 65 foot day sailing catamaran in the Caribbean. After four years of fun aboard this beautiful catamaran I felt the call to return to the deep blue and so decided to do a few yacht deliveries. 

I spent the next few year’s sailing boats across the ocean from South Africa to Florida, Egypt to Seychelles and many more exotic destinations.  With over eighty thousand sea miles I decided it was time to share my knowledge and so taught internationally recognized Royal Yachting Association Yacht master courses.  After teaching for seven years I decided it was time to set sail for new horizons.

 My sights were set on Belize as this is where my sailing family ended up and I have been working for one of the largest yacht charter companies in the world, The Moorings.  I have been with The Moorings for six years and decided that it was time to branch out on my own. So my partner and I have established Nautical Adventures Belize. 

Garrick Jefferys

Garrick Jefferys

Garrick grew up surfing in South Africa, so he has always loved the water and on the days that weren’t good for surfing he would go out fishing. He worked for many years managing restaurants and catering companies so acquired a few culinary skills along the way. He didn’t know he loved sailing until he fell in love with a sailor and as luck would have it she had the perfect job for him.

Finally he could combine his love for cooking along with his love for the water….and so here we find ourselves in Belize having spent four years working for an internationally renowned yacht charter company. We have been crewing on board a five star luxury catamaran and feel it is time to branch out on our own hence the fact we are starting up Nautical Adventures Belize.

The Tour Guides

Nautical Adventure hires professional local tour guides. They are trained to assist with snorkeling and are happy to spend any extra time with anybody who is snorkeling for the first time. Safety is their primary concern while at the same time guiding you through a fun filled and wondrous snorkel, as they pick out and show you creatures you didn't even know were there.

coral atoll belize
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Placencia sail boat